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I help you tell a more compelling story.

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Juan took the time to understand our business and develop a story that was compelling.

Rhina PortilloCo-Founder at Cozyo

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Your brand's story is told through every single customer interaction

By combining self-awareness, empathy, and communication skills, my innovative system crafts a story that guides your customer through their journey even before they arrive.

We start by

Defining Your Purpose

Understanding your “why” is the starting point of telling a remarkable story.

We follow with

Crafting Your Story

Using your journey, values, and goals, we develop a compelling story to your audience.

We make it viral

Sharing Your Message

Targeting key innovators in your market that get your customer base started.

Brand Storytelling Is All About Shaping The Stories Others Share About You.

We live in a world where virtually everybody has everything they need. Where companies create dull products in search of a market share, filling the space with noise, making it harder and harder to stand out.

Today, you no longer get to tell your own story, it’s your customer who gets to tell it for you. That is where I come in, helping you give your audience a story so unique they feel compelled to spread it around.

Adding The Purpose Element To Your Business

of companies with a clearly articulated purpose achieved growth of 10%+ over the past three years
Of satisfied, purpose-oriented employees are more likely to promote their employer externally without incentives.
Of Sweden's workforce is purpose-oriented making it the top purpose-oriented country in the world.

Source: Global Purpose Index 2016

I can help your organization

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Simplify Your Message

Avoid misunderstandings by getting your point across in a clear way.

Create Interest

Make your audience pay attention by creating a gap between what they know and what you know.

Improve Your Sales

Give your market the unique opportunity to be part of something new and they will come to you.

Create Loyal Customers

Establish a strong connection between your brand and your fans to stand out from the competition.

I’m amazed by how many people came up to me after your workshop to tell me how much they liked it!

Simona HüblProgram Manager Accelerator at Wexelerate

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