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Storytelling for Startups.
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Tailored workshops for your startups to thrive.


One-on-one, dedicated support designed around your story.

PR & Marketing Agencies

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Take your storytelling skills to the next level.

Create fantastic stories.

Everybody says you need to be telling stories, I will show you how to craft them.

By combining, self-awareness, empathetic, and communication skills, my unique and easy to follow system will show you how to craft the right stories for the right audiences, whenever you want.

Simplify Your Message

There is always an easier way to communicate your message.

Get To The Point

A clear goal means clear message. Let’s stop running around and get to the point.

Keep People Interested

Key tricks that will keep people on the edge of their seats.

They need the best.

Regardless Of The Stage, Your Startups Need Support That Works.

Have the teams ready for your Demo Day and show your investors network the potential of the ideas you have invested in.

Whether early stage or further in their entrepreneurial journey, I can support your program with Storytelling, Pitching, and Self-Leadership.

For: Startup cccelerators and corporate innovation programs.

The first step is purpose.

A Unique, Step By Step System Designed To Create Impactful Stories.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing else to add, but when there is nothing else to take away,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Simplicity is the first step towards building a brand that leads and changes our world.

Understand your purpose, set clear goals, and others will follow.

For: Startup founders and freelancers

What They Say

“I’m amazed by how many people came up to me after your workshop to tell me how much they liked it! Some of them have been to a few storytelling workshops already and said that yours was the best so far! : )

I would like to thank you for having done a great job to kick off our series of trainings for the next 4 months of the accelerator program.”

Simona HüblProgram Manager Accelerator

“Juan took the time to understand our business and develop a story that was compelling. I will recommend Juan for private 1:1 session, he takes the time to understand your project, to meet the team and goals. He cares about your results and has a special talent for public speaking. I am looking forward to work again with him. ”

Rhina PortilloCo-Founder at Cozyo

“Juan has helped me further develop my pitching skills. I learned a lot from his precise and straight forward approach. His outstanding communication skills helped me to elevate my pitch to the next level. I was struggling with bringing an accurate message to my audience.

Juan shaped my views on pitching and gave me extensive support in making my statements clearer and more accurate. This resulted in winning the prize for best early-stage startup at the Startup Live event in October 2016 in Vienna. I want to thank Juan for being part of my learning journey.”

Lewi IlkanevCEO of Lewi
The skills to overcome challenges.

Storytelling and Leadership development in your accelerator program.

When the going gets tough, it will be their ability to push themselves and their teams forward what will keep the entrepreneurial journey going.

Demo Day



A case study.

Bringing soft-skills development into your Accelerator Program.

More and more accelerator programs see the need to support the communication skills of their founders, here is how I supported the “7th Top University Business Incubator” in the world, the INiTS Startup Camp in Vienna.