Those who tell stories rule the world.


It doesn’t matter if you are the best engineer, entrepreneur, programmer, etc; as long as, you don’t communicate your ideas effectively, you will hold yourself back.


Get your point across with easy to follow stories.


Keep the audience interested in your message.


Motivate others to take action with your story.

"Juan trained me on how to understand the leader within me, and in the art of storytelling and public speaking. He just gets people. He’s able to scratch below the surface, and really get to the heart of what someone needs. Every time I spoke with him, I felt like he understood me. That he was ready to challenge me, to push me, to the extent that I would find what I was looking for. I owe him a lot."

Bradley GloverOff The Ground Coffee Owner

How I Work.

Let’s talk to evaluate your needs and see whether it makes sense for us to work together or not.

If it does, based on your goals & needs, I will create a clear plan of action to get you where you want to be.

Our time will be split into sessions of 2 to 3 hrs each, either in person or through Skype. With serious homework in between.

With Whom Do I Work With?

I work with students looking to improve their presentation skills, professionals, and freelancers. Whether you have to lead a team, train others, or even sell, I help you grow your communication skills with a dedicated coaching program.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


If at the end of our hours you are not fully satisfied with the output, I will give you 100% of your money back.

All you would need to do is show you did all the homework and were fully committed to our meetings.

Get more info!

Want to know more about how I can help you? Send me a short email requesting the booklet.

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Other Services & Add-Ons


Need quick external feedback on your presentation? Whether content, delivery, or visual aids, I will dedicate to help you take your presentation to the next level. Hour rate of €90.


A beautiful story must be supported with a beautiful deck. Don’t ruin it with crappy slides, instead upgrade them to the next level with a beautifully crafted, professional design. €45 per slide.


I can design and deliver a group workshop that fits your needs and goals. Price is €60 per hour, per participant. Minimum 5 people per group. Larger group discounts apply.

He's a very approachable guy who has a lot of experience and helped me develop my own passion as well. I value each of our talks, although they were few, I remember them all.

I'm really thankful, that I had him as a facilitator and coach and I'd encourage all of you guys out there to grab the chance to meet him and overall to follow your heart!

Toma MolerovMindvalley

Frequently Asked Questions


100% satisfaction guaranteed. If at the end of our hours you are not fully satisfied with the output, I will transfer you back 100% of your money.

The only condition is that you need to show me you have done all the homework and were fully committed to our meetings.


At the end of our free call, if we decide to continue, you will proceed to pay the fee for the package we agreed on before we can begin.

The fee will be paid in full either by bank transfer or in cash.

Prices do not include 20% sales tax.

Long Distance Coaching

If you are not located in Vienna, we can easily use Skype to communicate.

Depending on availability and your budget, I’m willing to travel to your location.

Accommodation, travel costs, local transportation, and meals would need to be provided. Extra charges may apply.


In the end, you will be the one delivering the presentation.

This is why I don’t tell you what you need to say, I guide you instead.

Because to succeed, you’ll need to believe in it,  you’ll need to internalize it and you’ll need to become your story.


Results vary from client to client.

I DO NOT guarantee that you will win pitching competitions, investments, increase in sales, etc.

Instead, I focus on helping you communicate the purpose of your business in a way that is inspiring, motivating, and easy to follow.

It’s time we talk.

Everything starts with a simple message.

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