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Juan took the time to understand our business and develop a story that was compelling.

Rhina PortilloCo-Founder at Cozyo

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I Help You Tell Your Story

By using the power of purpose, I help you connect with your audience, create interest, and move them into action.


Defining Your Purpose

Understanding your "why" is the starting point of every remarkable story.

Crafting Your Story

Looking into your journey, your values, your audience, and the places where your story is told.

Sharing Your Message

Targeting the key innovators in your market that will get things started

What They Say

Juan helped me to prepare my talk and to connect with my audience on a deeper level with lean and authentic storytelling. Through his tips, I understood that my story is not about me, but about the audience finding themselves in it. After my talk, several people came to me and told me that they were touched by it, which was really heart-warming for me, giving me the confidence that my talk was structured in a good way.

Sandra NollFounder at Noll Media

We at the HealthHubVienna have been working with Juan at several of our key events. He is an outstanding moderator, very professional and creative. He applies the right mixture between entertaining and getting the important messages across. He very well handled mixed audiences of Start-ups and senior people from large corporations as well as Investors.

Thomas WalbertProject Manager at Health Hub Vienna

Juan is an excellent host. His style is entertaining and highly professional, plus his interaction with the audience is very natural. His dynamic voice just catches your attention and holds it throughout the event.

Jasmina HenniovaStartup Community Manager

Juan performed a perfect “How to Pitch” session within our Innovationmanagement & Entrepreneurship Lecture. His unique ability to combine serious and valuable content with entertaining and fun presentation motivated and empowered our students to improve their presentation skills/style significantly.

Thomas FiedlerLecturer at FH Campus Wien

How I Do It

Adapted to your needs, goals, and learning style.

Dedicated Consulting

Whether face to face or through Skype, I will help you identify your purpose, align your message with it, and work on a successful delivery plan.

Group Workshops

Reinforce your team’s knowledge with interactive workshops that take you out of the routine, give you new perspectives, and help you replan your strategy.

Online Courses

Flexible, at your own pace, and always accessible, implement the knowledge as you go through the courses and validate what you’ve learned.

Purpose is what makes your story unique

We live in a world where virtually everybody has everything they need. Where companies create dull products in search of a market share, filling the space with noise, making it harder and harder to stand out.

Today, you no longer get to tell your own story, it’s your customer who gets to tell it for you. That is where I come in, helping you give your audience a story so unique they feel compelled to spread it around.

Juan Guerra supported WhatAVenture during a 2 days intensive pitch training where 16 intrapreneurship teams of the DPDHL group pitched for a slot in a 4 months incubation program DHL Start-up Lab. His strong motivation to help the teams, his profound knowledge in training and state of the art pitches and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. Having 3 out 4 teams proceed to the intrapreneurship program speak volumes of his abilities.

Roman GrocholAcceleration Manager at WhatAVenture

Building A Purpose-Oriented Business

of companies with a clearly articulated purpose achieved growth of 10%+ over the past three years
Of satisfied, purpose-oriented employees are more likely to promote their employer externally without incentives.
Of Sweden's workforce is purpose-oriented making it the top purpose-oriented country in the world.

Source: Global Purpose Index 2016

I will help you:

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Simplify Your Message

Avoid misunderstandings by getting your point across in a clear way.

Create Interest

Make your audience pay attention by creating a gap between what they know and what you know.

Improve Your Sales

Give your market the unique opportunity to be part of something new and they will come to you.

Create Loyal Customers

Establish a strong connection between your brand and your fans to stand out from the competition.

I’m amazed by how many people came up to me after your workshop to tell me how much they liked it!

Simona HüblProgram Manager Accelerator at Wexelerate

Without The Proper Delivery, Your Idea Will Not Go Anywhere.


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Photos credits from top to bottom Tamás Künsztler, DPDHL Press Folder, and Tim Norburn