Give them the experience they came for.

– Maya Angelou

Whether big or small, with an industry focus, or simply an internal event, this is what I can do for you.


Turning strangers into a family is the key to building strong and successful networks.


Making sure the audience is working together towards the same strategic goal.


Moving your audience to take action will make your success a reality.

The mixture with Juan's professional experience in development, working with intercultural people and event organization paired with his deep understanding and honest interest in other people is was makes his work unique and highly valuable to our organization.

Tanja SternbauerStartup Live, Managing Partner

How I Work.

Let’s talk to see whether it makes sense for us to work together or not.

If it does, based on your goals & needs, I will sketch a proposal on how I can support your event.

Once it’s aligned, we will schedule follow up meetings until the event takes place.

With Whom Do I Work With?

I work event organizers, HR & Marketing departments, and startup accelerators or incubators.

I Focus on.

Startup events or entrepreneurship development; as well as, personal growth, self-leadership, and communication skills.

What I can Do For Your Event.


Keeping your audience energized and motivated will be key for your speakers to have the impact you planned for. Beyond the moderation of the stage, I support you with the agenda development and the participant mood journey of the day.


Focusing on self-leadership and based on my personal experience, I have developed 4 keynotes, proven to motivate and inspire audiences in 3 continents. Designed to be delivered as 4 separate stories of 20 mins or as one continuous, I take your audience on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

©Tim Norburn


From exciting team buildings to workshops, I help you deliver the activities or content the audience needs to achieve your goal. Topics range from public speaking & storytelling to leadership development.

Learn More.

Send me a quick email with your questions.

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Projects Delivered

Juan held a 3-hour workshop about the basics of leadership and team management. His approach to the crowd is extremely open and welcoming. Not only is Juan easy to listen to, touching his speech off with the occasional joke, he also keeps his audience engaged by asking questions and giving enough room for input.

ManonPioneers Festival

Frequently Asked Questions


For events outside of Vienna, accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the client. Arrival on the day previous to the event is a must!

Given the very particular needs varying from project to project, I can’t give you an estimate or quote before talking with you.

Event Size

There is no event that is too small or too big.

In the end, I strive to work on projects that are exciting and have a positive impact.

So let’s just talk.


99% of the time, I will design my own slides.

They are representative of my brand and are aligned with the presentations I have prepared.

Also, I will always strive to use my own computer to deliver my presentations.

I DO NOT share my slides at the end of the event but, I do provide you with an output of the session with the most relevant points covered.

All pictures I use in my slides are copyright free.

Output Material

I will provide you with an output booklet with the most relevant points of my sessions.


I will be as reachable as possible, always providing the highest level of customer service.

I expect the same from you, where you are reachable for questions that come up as I develop the content of the sessions.

We will have as many talks as necessary to ensure the highest quality level of delivery.


I will provide you with a description text, photo of myself, and logo.

I expect to be promoted among your network to create value with your audience, from which the content of any communication in reference to myself, should be shown to me.

It’s time we talk.

Everything starts with a simple message.

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